August 2017 – 300m Hand Winch

The Vocean Falcon has a new umbilical winch.   The Compact hand powered unit has the same footprint as a standard winch for ease of installation to existing control containers.

The winch was built to provide a practical  alternative to the 1100m umbilical winch  built for tunnel surveys which has proven ungainly for offshore deployments.

The umbilical has four single mode fibres , four  power and two CP conductors.  This is supported by a  two pass fibre optic slip ring.   The winch is comes with a surface mux junction box which resides in the control room. The winch footprint  is sufficiently compact that it can remain within  the control container doors during operations. If it is necessary to site the winch outside, then deck cables  of 7.5m and 20m length have been manufactured.  The total  umbilical length on the drum is 360m.


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