Feb 2016 – New Build Winch for 1100 Meter Umbilical

A contract to survey a 900 meter tunnel using the Seaeye Falcon ROV  necessitated the purchase of over 1Km of Umbilical.

Two challenges had to be overcome.

  1.  The practical limit of cable distance for Video and Serial data telemetry
  2. Management of the cable length at the launch point

Challenge 1

Using in house resources and expertise, a Fibre Optic upgrade was specified and installed, See the Blog post  “Feb 2016 1100 Meter Umbilical ”   for more information

Challenge 2

Using Vocean  resources and expertise, an umbilical winch was designed and manufactured.  Based on a 1 meter wide cable drum, the total length of 1140M is accomodated on 10 Layers with 71 turns per layer.

The winch includes an intelligent odometer which is transferred to a display unit in the control room and can be overlayed on the recorded video.

The drum is rotated via a gearbox and electric motor. A simple hand controller allows the operator to set the speed of rotation.