March 2018 – Vocean Falcon Dives to 395m

The Vocean Falcon previously upgraded to 400m capability recently set a new Vocean record for operating depth while conducting a cable survey in the Mediterranean.

This record affirms the capability of Falcon to operate at such depth.  The previous record for our Falcon of 376m was set inside a steel lined Penstock tunnel at  a  Hydro Power plant.

The new record has been achieved in open water, while carrying a Smartrak 9  cable detection system necessary to follow a 20KV power  cable.   The surveyed length was just over 15 Km,  5Km of which at a depth below 350m.  This was achieved twice as there were two cables running a few meters apart.


Open water presents challenges of umbilical management, mid water currents and vessel positioning.  These were successfully and skillfully overcome by pilot Dan Auton and his support team without having to  attach a clump weight  to the umbilical.