November 2017 – Cracked brickwork modeled in 3D

A brick lined tunnel was recently discovered to have developed cracks in the brick lining after over 100 years without movement. Vocean deployed the Falcon ROV with the tilting Photogrammetry and diffused lights frame.  The tunnel width was 2m by 2m height with a 1m radius arch roof. The tunnel at the location of the cracks was inclined.

Views below are reduced resolution to fall within file size upload limits. Thus sharpness and detail are compromised.  3D models can be viewed at Brick lined tunnel – cracking

Cracks were found to be circumferential in the brick lining, with some bricks having fallen out of position leaving a void.   The requirement was to measure any crck wider then 2mm. Example measurements are shown on the image below. The measurement resolution achieved is better than 0.5mm