Rov Survey

Rov systems

  • Three   Sea Eye Falcon ROVs
  • Umbilical winches
  • 1150m/360m fiber umbilicals
  • 300m/170m copper umbilicals
  • Lock latch launch / recovery systems
  • Multibeam / Single Beam Sonars

ROV Survey Applications

  • Hydro Power and Dam inspections
  • Flooded tunnel surveys
  • Inter island electricity cables
  • Offshore wind farm and renewables
  • Inshore pipeline surveys
  • Salvage location search and survey
  • Offshore operations  inspection

ROV Sensors

  • Colour camera – selection of types
  • HD digital Stills
  • 3D Photogrammetry Rig (1080P+)
  • Diffused LED lighting 10,000 Lumens
  • Laser scaling pinpoint dots
  • Altimeter – Altitude lock mode
  • Smartrak 9
  • Multibeam Sonar
  • Depth sensor – Depth lock mode
  • Heading sensor – Heading lock mode
  • Doppler Velocity Log
  • Inertial gyro system
  • Sonar – target location
  • 360 scanning Sonar– tunnel profiling

Case Study


  • To survey inclined water filled tunnels to depth of 400M
  • To survey horizontal water filled tunnel length 950M to depth of 30M
  • Tunnel internal diameters 4.5M and 7M respectively


  • Determine ROV position in the tunnel with respect to a datum
  • Locate individual features of interest at specific locations
  • Manage umbilical over the distance
  • Ensure sufficient lighting to record clear video along prescribed paths


  • Falcon ROV c/w
    • Fibre Optic upgrade
    • 400M depth upgrade
  • Imagenex sonar to locate landmark features
  • Continuous colour video with frame grab
  • On screen captioning
  • Umbilical winch odometer to record distance from Datum